Your God is Too Boring II: What is a disciple?

Feb 11, 2016

During Lent, we will be reading and discussing Jon Leonetti’s Your God is too Boring. The blog post that follows is part of our reflection. Feel free to read, share, comment on, and discuss all that is reflected on here.  While you don’t necessarily need to read the book in order to participate in our online discussion, we really recommend that you do, because, well, it’s a good book. Books and the reflection guide are three dollars and can be picked up at the back of church. 


What the Church has presented to us is to go out and do precisely what we’ve been called to do by virtue of our Baptism: make disciples. (Your God is Too Boring Pg. 14)

 Some questions for reflection and discussion (feel free to use the comment box)

  1. What does a disciple look like?

  2. How does a disciple get “made?”

  3. How do you think we as Catholics do in the disciple making department?

  4. Why?

  5. What are some ways we could do a better job of making disciples?

Mike E.


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