Your God is too Boring IIX

Mar 7, 2016

During Lent, we will be reading and discussing Jon Leonetti’s Your God is too Boring. The blog post that follows is part of our reflection. Feel free to read, share, comment on, and discuss all that is reflected on here.  While you don’t necessarily need to read the book in order to participate in our online discussion, we really recommend that you do, because, well, it’s a good book. Books and the reflection guide are three dollars and can be picked up at the back of church.

Living as a Catholic doesn't mean keeping our eyes turned upward all the time. It means strapping on our suspenders and getting to work with our eyes on each other. (Leonetti pg. 86)

 Here Jon speaks of the messy and very hard work of evangelization, of bringing Christ to the world. It can be difficult sometimes to see Christ alive in the world. Hunger, war, poverty, greed-we see these evil things and more everyday in the news. Yet, our faith tells us that Our God is very much alive and at work in our world, and it is our job to bring Him into our homes, workplaces, our communities. A tough job to be sure, one that is impossible without prayer, without a relationship with the living God. 

One of the great gifts of the Catholic tradition is a myriad of prayer styles and methods, but I would like to focus on one that I have found to be personally rewarding. From the Ignatian or Jesuit tradition, we receive the Daily Examen. The Examen, different, although not distinct from an examination of conscience, serves to help one reflect on God working in their daily lives. Below is an example of a simple Examen, from the people at  

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