Your God is too Boring IV: Abraham and Isaac

Feb 17, 2016

The Sacrifice of Isaac by Rembrandt

During Lent, we will be reading and discussing Jon Leonetti’s Your God is too Boring. The blog post that follows is part of our reflection. Feel free to read, share, comment on, and discuss all that is reflected on here.  While you don’t necessarily need to read the book in order to participate in our online discussion, we really recommend that you do, because, well, it’s a good book. Books and the reflection guide are three dollars and can be picked up at the back of church. 

Using your imagination to put yourself into Bible stories can be a powerful form of prayer. On pages 28-29, Jon writes about the story of Abraham being told by God to offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice. You can find the story in Genesis 22:1-19.

Let’s use our imagination to put ourselves into the story of Abraham and Isaac.

Before you begin, quiet yourself. Take a few deep breaths and focus on the love of God already within you.  

Read the story slowly, taking note of every detail. When you are done reading, close your eyes, and try to put yourself in the story. Specifically, try to put yourself in the position of Isaac. What do you see? What do you smell, what do you feel? As you try to put yourself in the position of Isaac, ask yourself, “Why did he willingly allow himself to be presented for sacrifice?” What does it feel like to be called by God to give your entire life to him? What are some areas of your life that you might be holding back from God?

Some people find this kind of prayer very frustrating, others take to it quickly. The great thing about the Catholic Spiritual tradition is that there are so many ways to pray.

Mike E.


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