Protection of Children

The Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People is a comprehensive set of procedures established by the USCCB in June 2002 for addressing allegations of sexual abuse of minors by Catholic clergy. The Charter also includes guidelines for reconciliation, healing, accountability, and prevention of future acts of abuse. 

The Charter directs action in all the following matters:

  • Creating a safe environment for children and young people;
  • Healing and reconciliation of victims and survivors;
  • Making prompt and effective response to allegations;
  • Cooperating with civil authorities;
  • Disciplining offenders;
  • Providing for means of accountability for the future to ensure the problem continues to be effectively dealt with through a national Secretariat of Child and Youth Protection and a National Review Board.
  • Directs each Diocese to have a Victim Assistance Coordinator, a person to which anyone who has experienced abuse by Diocesan personnel can call to report their abuse. 
    • The Victim Assistance Coordinator for the Archdiocese of Dubuque is Dr. Thomas Ottavi (563-584-3000)
As part of this charter, the Archdiocesan Office of the Protection of God's Children requires us to provide parents information about topics pertaining to the sexual abuse of children. Please find below articles about the topic that might be of interest to all people, not just parents.
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