Sites for Lenten Reflection

Here are some online resources for daily or weekly reflection during Lent: A site for family Lenten activities. 

Dynamic Catholic's Best Lent Ever A daily reflection email or text sent to you every day from the people at Dynamic Catholic. A guided online reflection that is a great way to bring prayer into your day.

Sacred Space Similar to the loyola site above, this one is put together by the Irish Jesuits in the Ignatian prayer tradition of the Examen Some great Lenten material from Creighton University in Nebraska  Peanut Butter and Grace has great reflections on faith and family life as well as family faith activities.

The Sunday Website at St Louis University A site run by St Louis University, you can choose a Sunday and read reflections on the readings for the week, as well as ideas for prayer based on the readings.

Lifelong Catechesis By Our Sunday Visitor This site is run by Our Sunday Visitor, and is the resource used for our questions of the week. It also has suggested family activities and a Saint of the week. A blog run by the same people who gave us Bishop Robert Barron's Catholicism A video Stations of the Cross from the folks at Busted Halo; You will also find great stuff on the larger website Suggested activities for families that go along with the Rice Bowl. A nice article giving families some ideas for living lent in the Home. a free subscription with reflections sent to your inbox everyday, with the option to share them on social media